Aim and Scope

  • Developing a new graduate program in museums studies which will utilize newly developed ICT-based teaching and learning tools including 3D laser scanning and virtual reality modelling. Hence the project is adopting a multidisciplinary approach incorporating the humanities, archaeology, museology and heritage management with engineering and information technology. This is evident through the specialty of the project partners which will be reflected on the developed outcomes.
  • The project will utilize advanced technology in developing new innovative and much needed education program in museum studies. Hence it will result in significant improvement in the quality and skills of museum workers in Egypt; which are among the main cultural heritage institutions and sources of revenue.
  • On the other hand, digitizing and modeling museum collections and posting it on-line will foster and promote public and non-formal education which is one of the main tasks of museums.
  • The study of cultural heritage is multi-disciplinary by nature. Hence, the consortium, which includes specialists in archaeology, engineering, museology and heritage management, collectively provides the expertise & skills required for the project fulfilment.


Project Objectives

  • Develop and implement a new postgraduate Diploma and Master programs in Museum Studies.
  • Update and modernize current undergraduate and postgraduate courses and develop new practical modules related to museum studies.
  • Develop 3D online-based virtual Reality interface utilizing 3D models of museum artefact collections as an innovative teaching and learning tool in museum studies.


Project Partners

Egyptian Partners

European Partners